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December 09, 2008



First off - I'm in love with the Espresso Truffle coffee drink. It's a bit of heaven in a red cup as far as I'm concerned. And the fact that I have to get it full fat (it doesn't come in non-fat - but why bother to get it if you need it "skinny?") and with whip. Yum.

It's amazing how we can have our outlook turn around on a dime (or in this case, $4+).

I've been there, done that with holiday appeals. I hope it all worked out in the end and that it results in a windfall for your organization!


That was a great post...made me smile. I didn't expect the hindu scripture to pop in there, but I haven't been reading you long. It's amazing how a simple jesture can mean so much.


Hi Christine,

This was such a nice post. It made me smile, too!

And you are so right. It should not all be about Christmas gifts - that is not what Christmas is about!!!! It's gotten to the point where it gets so stressful that you buy for everyone a gift and that gift seems to be getting bigger and more expensive every year...we should all go back to what Christmas really means - being together and not being together with a ton of gifts (an oh by the way neighbor did you see my shiny new expensive car that my husband bought me???!!!!!!!)...


Sweet story. May I suggest the salted caramel hot chocolate? To die for.


send the *$ angel my way!!!! oh, wait, there is no starbucks in guam. grr...

love this post.

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