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April 15, 2008



I love Smitten Kitchen (as well as many, many other great food blogs, Chocolate and Zuchini and Orangette are fun too).

Have you tried offering what you want to eat to Mo? Anders pretty much gets it, "this is what is for dinner, eat it." He at least tries it and makes an effort (knock on wood, I am making gingered sweet potato and chicken curry tonight--it may not go over well), but he can be pretty picky.

When all else fails we give him something a normal toddler might find acceptable; but, we don't eat toddler food. I just can't bring myself to do it--call me non-maternal, but there are some sacrifices I am unwilling to make (K definitely benefits by default). I will cook myself something after he goes to bed if necessary, but no nuggets for me...I do, however, like meatballs (Anders' new thing). The turkey ones with the pecorino are very nice should one be in a pinch...

Good luck cook-booking!


Rock on!, or should I say write on!
Love the idea - if Seinfield's wife can sell brownies with spinach in them, you can do better!!


On a typical day, we offer what we want to eat to Mo and Kel. We have a one-bite rule at our house. If you don't like it after one bite (and swallow!), then that's fine. But you have to try it.

But today, I am a solo parent with two small children, one crazy-energetic dog, a job, a house, an unusually significant need for sleep, a dose of depression, and a very low tolerance for stress. So while the CDR is underway, I have let go of certain things that I typically thrive upon, like meals that take more than 15 minutes to prepare or require anything more than minimal monitoring.

For today, chicken nuggets need to be enough. And I'm okay with that.


I'm in as a recipe tester! It's so odd what kids will eat sometimes and reject other times: our eldest didn't eat pizza until he was 6 but LOVES blue cheese and goat cheese, the middle one adores broccoli, they'll both eat baby spinach leaves by the handful with the "right" dressing. Neither kid will touch Mexican although they will chow down on spicy General Tso's chicken takeout. Family mealtime, or as the kids call it, "Family Feast" can be tough when the kids are going to bed at 6:30 or 7:00 but it's getting easier now that they stay up just a bit later. I love recipes that let me cook all at once, then maybe set aside some pasta before saucing it, or pan frying chicken or steak and leaving off something spicy or strong from one piece for them.
We try to stick to the "one bite" rule as well but it's equally about being polite to the cook even if you don't like something! And of course it always helps to have a pop culture tie-in... e.g. the kids love "Spongebob Squarepants Krabby Patties" which are really salmon burgers. Sometimes you've just gotta do what you've gotta do.
You know what else would be helpful? Reviews and suggestions for "non typical" toddler food- like those premade organic spinach nuggets, frozen ravioli, quesadillas, homemade lunchables, stuff like's always good to know what we can grab at the store that's premade but still relatively healthy. And of course, make ahead is always a big plus, although I haven't found myself really using the big batch cook and freeze cookbook that I bought to try.


I think french silk pie should be in the book.

P.S. did you get my email? Weird message. Call me at the office.


This sounds like a super dee duper idea. Go for it!
(and I am always up for recipe testing, especially "my" kind of recipes - things thrown together that somehow turn out!)

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