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March 12, 2008



Were any of those dishes from making a french silk pie? ;)


There is a constant struggle with the dishes in my house. I'll cook and hope that just this one time Michael will do the dishes after dinner. So I leave them. And he leaves them. And the next morning I'll leave them because I'm annoyed and think he will get the hint.

And the circle continues.

I hate dishes.


The ONLY reason this does not happen in my house is that (don't hate me) I married a slightly OCD man who actually finds satisfaction in cleaning up and clearing away. To the point that sometimes I will be using a utensil in the kitchen, and if I turn my back, it's spirited away into the dishwasher or dish drainer when I turn back to pick it up...of course, when I'm home by myself, totally different story. I am a huge believer that pots and pans will soak themselves clean if left to sit long enough. And here's some good news- Mo can wash dishes (unbreakable ones, of course) and probably get the floors and the counters at the same time!

BTW the view from your kitchen window is lovely.


I hear ya, Christine. Dishes are my LEAST favorite chore. I'd rather scrub a toilet or two. And I do love that Magic Bullet too.

Dan Morehead

They say cleanliness is next to godliness. They're wrong. In the dictionary, cleanliness is next to clean-limbed: Having well-formed limbs; well-proportioned. There's your daily dose of nonsense. Glad your kitchen is clean...for now.


Dishes and laundry. They are my worst enemies. If I stay ahead of them, we get along fine. If I let them go, then all hell breaks loose and I can't cope.

I'm convinced that dishes and laundry have devised an evil plot to drive me mad. It would not take much lately...


Looks awesome. Wish you lived closer and I would come help you with dishes, really I would.

So hard to go to bed when they do, because you just crave that grownup time, alone or not! But boy does it feel good when you do some sleeping, too.


Its times like these when I remember fondly my single life where I only had myself to blame for a mess and I was the only one to clean it up. Ah...bliss. I'm wondering what age kids start doing chores-there is a huge pile of ironing that's having some trouble doing itself.

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