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January 24, 2008


Jose Zayas


Thanks for the post. You never know who actually reads these things. I don't. Just love the forum to get thoughts out of my head!

It's been too long. Glad the Jonah drama connected with your situation.

Jesus is there.




Glad to hear again from the Left Coast! Hugs to you and the boys. I wish I had a reason to put on old prom dresses and hang out but Big D and I just went out to see our first movie since the Gherkin was born...National Treasure II. Yes I know weak!


I know I will see Juno, and hope I'll make it to some others. But I may be kidding myself.

Loving the prom dress imagery, and need to have an OSCARS party like that one year!

And, on your side note--Sophie kinsella, YES!
Just like delicious candy, except it is for your brain.


I certainly hope that the strike resolves itself soon, otherwise I will be forced to drink a bottle of wine during a 60 minute press conference. And that, would be unseemly.


Popcorn and an old prom dress. Fabulous. Absolutely fabulous. Let's get webcams and see who is the best dressed!



this gives me reason to say off like a prom dress. just because!

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