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October 29, 2007



Oh, the joys of Nutramigen...we had to give it to Stephen for six months or so when he showed allergic symptoms to milk and soy (which also meant an elimination diet for me as he nursed up to a year- rice milk in coffee just isn't quite the same...) Stephen hated the stuff (couldn't blame him) so we resorted to mixing it with breastmilk, using it to make cereal, and even making french toast, etc with it- anything to get it down the hatch. We were not lucky enough to get it prescribed, but a mutual friend got Tricare to cover it for her son as part of a GERD workup- via pharmacy by mail, no less! You should be able to do the same, I hope.

After everything you've already conquered with Kel, changing doctors must have been really hard- don't hesitate to ask for second opinions!!
And I recognize some of Mo's symptoms, too- from Kevin's move to Florida and Stephen's move to Virginia. I am so fortunate to have my sister here, and my husband home full time- otherwise I too would still be short of adults to talk to in a non-business way. I actually joined a Bunko group in Key West- never thought I'd do anything like that but it turned out to be just what I needed for a little while. I just wish there was some magic bullet for you, since you're carrying such a load. I do recommend extra OJ for the Pacific Northwest winters, but hot toddies will do the trick too! :) And not that you need any more work in your daily world- but perhaps other parents/moms at your church feel similarly cut off from grownup conversation. Is there an opening for your extensive social and organizational talents there?


Oi. I hope that It really is a virus of "homesickness" for Kel and not something greater. If it were me, and I am not saying that you haven't exercised all your internet options; but, if it were me, I would go here ( and here ( start seeing what sounded like a good something or another.


I have no doubt about two things. First, Kel is just making this a challenge, you know, to keep things interesting. He'll rock all the tests and be the perfect dude. Second, you will find your group.



You shouldn't have to pay for an ounce. Your pediatrician should contact the rep and they will deliver CASES to you. We had cases of the stuff for free when Henry was at his sickest with allergies.
Seriously. Call me if you want to strategize.



Christine, I read your blog faithfully, my apologies for not posting a comment until now. Just want you to know that I'm thinking about you and the boys. Kel and Mo look great. I empathize with the meeting new girlfriends thing...and I'm a quiet one to begin with. Know at the very least that you have many old girlfriends to talk or write to. I miss you. I have your blog site posted on mine ( and my mom told me that she and my aunt read yours too. They think you are hilarious, and love your blog titles. So, not only are you a great mom, but a funny woman too. :)

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