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August 26, 2007



You really are juggling, well, a ton. Just like Mo knows how to pull the ship away from the pier, you know how to steady it's course. And you will.


Wow. So scary. And you will figure it all out, I know it.
Thinking of you.


What a scary adventure. So glad to hear the story with a happy ending. What do you suppose was in the that little head of Mo when he was wandering through the mall?! We have the same fear but in a different light. Living on the lake, I am beginning to think our little D should wear a life jacket 24x7. How do you teach the buddy system to a 2-(soon to be 3)-year-old? Every parent is protective but it only takes a second doesn't it? Perhaps you should author a new book -- "Malls Are Not For Wandering" to coincide with "Feet Are Not For Kicking" and "Teeth Are Not For Biting" by the famous children's author whose name I cannot recall.

You are now more experienced than many parents. Hang in there!

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