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August 17, 2007


Mike got me there. All i can say is this, and I've gone through more raw emotion this summer than anyone deserves....from the sounds of GiGi....she knows CDR is away...and she's picking her time. Prayers and vibes your way.


This is one of those familiar scenes that just never gets any easier- Everyone who goes to sea worries about this situation- and I mean everyone. Not being able to quickly get to those who need you is the most terrifying part of being underway. The hard part about CDR's position is that I imagine he knows exactly what he would do for anyone else (get them to their family no matter what), but might be hesitating to do it for himself...
However this resolves, it sounds like GiGi knows exactly how much you both cherish her, and that counts for a lot. We'll be thinking of you both.

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