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July 16, 2008



Oh Christine. I needed that tonight (as you can probably tell getting this comment at 3:45am ET). Thank you for finding and sharing that.

I hope the balancing of your "boat" is going well. I know you are looking forward to the "marrying again" part.


roses are red, violets are, this was pretty good. thanks for sharing.

Dan Morehead

Thanks for this. I liked it enough to put it on my blog.

Marci Phillips

really beautiful.


Every time I come to this place I am amazed at the words you put together in your writings. I can feel like I am sitting there in the same room and we are talking. You have such an incredible talent for communicating your emotions through examples and analogies and just plain "putting it out there". You are a very special writer and I want to thank you for sharing this poem and everything in your blog.

Though sometimes you may feel alone, you are not alone. There are many people who may feel the same way you do and their spouse or significant other is sitting in the same room (and not out on the ocean) because there is a rather void between them which serves as a gorge where words may enter and never return. Or sometimes the words are not even spoken. You are a kind person in thought, word and deed. And it is okay to miss your hubby and hate that he is gone and remember it is about the journey.

Your Friend,

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