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May 15, 2008



Wow, you're taking the high road. I have to say I'd most likely be all about the strut... Might even call for a new pair of shoes. But of course, I'm probably only saying that because I'm even more fashion challenged than usual just now. What exactly is the statute of limitations on elastic waisted pants? :)


Goodness-well you will want to avoid facebook at all costs. Its like ex boyfriend city.


You are so courageous! This tells me there is a gen gap between you & me... I mean, whoa girl... you actually wrote this on your blog? You are a strong woman. Anyway, sounds like you had a good friendship w/J at one time but then he blew you off. Not really strong on character for J it would appear but maybe the person has changed since then. Your mature side has the right idea.

Now I am anxious to hear your decision. If I were you I would take the high road and if you really want to see him, make sure CDR + kids are in tow. Its all about family now. But I too, have to admit, the part about strutting was very sassy & funny. :)


Dan Morehead

This made me smile...

Anna from Hank and WIllie

I agree--I wish someone from the wedding party could see you, plus your to-die-for-in-cuteness family!
Start strutting THEM around Seattle Center!


do i need to rough him up? I would you know. for you.

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