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April 07, 2008



Oh, my! I still have tears streaming down my face from laughing so hard!


That's awesome.


LOVE IT!!! Just perfect!


Hahahaha oops!

Anna from Hank and WIllie

oh f**K! Which is what I would have thought to myself. So funny!


Timing is everything.

Daddy, are you a punk?

Mommy, you a hoe.

Yup. Rhyming. I encourage it and look what happens. Toe. Bow. Row. Hoe.


No, Aidan, we only say hoe when we talk about your garden tools. But, Daddy, someone could be named hoe.

Aidan, punk isn't really a word. It's a nonsense sound.

You mean like unc, gunk and wunk?

Yup. excactly.

Oh boy!


he he he he he. Reminds me of the time I insisted my toddleresque daughter stop pointing and whining at the restaurant table and "use her words". She did... at the top of her lungs.

"F**CK, mommy! I need a F**CK!"

She couldn't have used a spoon?!?!?


Oh, but the REALLY funny part is still to come - when you try to embarrass them with this story and the response comes back: "I was how old when I said that? Sweeeeeeeet! I was a badass when I was a toddler. Mom, you're such a dork."

Yes, the teenage years. Just the fact that you are alive and getting all up in their grill will be an embarrassment to them.....

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