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January 09, 2008



Mmm- the slow death of social niceties - aided and abetted by text messaging! Take comfort in knowing that it's not just you - the same thing has happened to us repeatedly. It's a good way to get oneself "unvited!" You're right, we all have those days- but instead of flaking out completely, our solution is generally to divide and conquer, and we rarely regret mustering the energy to get at least some of the family out of the house and to the given fiesta.
We don't make resolutions but I'm adding this to my list of things I'll try to do well in 2008- be a good guest: small kids and busy schedule notwithstanding. We have a big round of birthdays coming up, so we'll see how our new party crowd shapes up!
ps/ I miss the sangria...


Another vote in the "your not alone" column, all the way from Guam. We hosted a croquet tournament/party for Tom's ship in October, in the middle of a very short inport (aka - precious time together), when I was extremely busy at work. 22 people signed up to come. 22 people who actually confirmed. The grand total of people who actually showed up: 5. You can imagine how many ship's parties the XO will be hosting from here on out,


I'm annoyed with you. Totally rude. Totally. One question? Is there extra french silk pie?


More French Silk Pie for the rest of us!
But seriously? I'm with you, especially since it is even a bigger deal to actually host something once you have two kids. Come on folks, I CLEANED MY HOUSE AND YOU DIDN'T EVEN CALL?

Marci Phillips

All I can add is that you're not alone. I think that's why we attempt so few get-togethers at our house. We seem to have better success when we're hosting others' parties (Christi catching up w/ DC friends, Brenda's baby shower, the CDR's family Thanksgiving, etc, etc. I don't know why anyone would pass up Sangria and silk pie!

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