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July 04, 2007



You made me tear up on this one as I recalled a traumatic move we made to Oregon for grad school. I so wanted to go home! I swear I cried, off and on, for about three months with that move. Turns out, though, that Oregon was one of my favoritest places to live. And, I believe by the time we left, I could've had a roof-sized invitation list for a party. Chin up and get out there...with those boys and that pooch and your curls, people are bound to flock to you :)


So I'm checking the traffic to my blog, and I see a referral from a blog I didn't know about. Um, that would be yours! Welcome to the blogosphere. Yeah, I just said that. Crazy, isn't it? Thanks for the comments on mine, by the way. I'm going to add you to my list, too. This is cool.

Oh, and the french silk pie is where?



Although electronic hugs are not as good as real ones...I'll give it the old college try!
I remember the lovely card that you wrote for me when we left Connecticut (and felt exactly the same way about going- I cried like a little kid at my formal military going away!)- There's the family you are born with, and the family you choose to hold on to. We just never know when new additions are going to come along...your open mind and generous heart will be ready when those special people come into view. You know what to do, and you have the energy and strength to do it.
And, by the way- put us on that birthday invitation list now!


THANK YOU for including me in the blog email! I love your writing and am so excited to have a great way to keep up with you guys and your adventures. Your move story almost ripped my heart out. All of my moves had been on active duty - with friends I knew from somewhere (CGA, flight school, or *something*) and then I made my first move as a military spouse. No friends, no network, nothing. I thought it would be no big deal... Wrong. It's just hard. I described it as "emotional vertigo". And like you - my "beloved" (LOL) - left for 4 months 3 weeks after we arrived leaving me with a new 3 year old and an almost 2 year old - and no friends, church, or anything. In the middle of stinking nowhere! It stunk. MOPS helped, a great Bible study group helped, and great neighbors helped. Oh yeah - and the UPS guy helped, A LOT. I will be praying for you guys, reading your blog and hoping that things quickly smooth out for you!!


I have to say, the home you left is not the easiest place to leave, we are not looking forward to leaving anytime soon. This post made me sniffly. I think your brithday plans sound fantastic and the blow out bash planned for next year sounds totally appropriate. You will be fine, give it time, there are some great people out your way; you just need to find each other.


Happy birthday!
Hope it is a memorable one--your first in Seattle, and your first as a mama of two.


Happy belated birthday to a dear friend. Wish we could have been there to laugh, share stories and see our boys play together.

We miss you so much in our new home in WI but we know you will embrace the Pacific NW as you did SE CT. Home is where the CG sends us... isn't that always our motto? My retired CWO is home w/ me and not at sea but we are adjusting to our new place and surroundings. Not having our CG and church friends close ... well we miss it a lot too. Remember, these challenging times are the best times in our journey to make us stronger. :) Speaking from someone who celebrated a 30th birthday a few years ago (yea right), every year is a celebration whether you are surrounded with people or internet access, a mouse & a blog.

We send you hugs & kisses to you and your family from ours virtually. We will put a candle on a cupcake, light it & sing to you. Our little "D" will laugh and devour the whole thing on your behalf. Miss you lots.


Consider yourself tagged, lady!


I'm so out of the loop...I didn't know you had a blog!


Happy belated birthday! Miss you...

I was thrilled to find your blog and find out what is going on with you. I'm sort of exploring this blog stuff and just left Mike's... My read on his blog was about his butt (10 Things I Like About Me), which really was the highlight of my evening.

Actually, the staff picnic (still miss you) was earlier tonight and Mike also provided "Fun On A Bun" during this meet 'n greet w/ people you've been trying to avoid all day. (I'm expecting "Fun On A Bun" as a topic in his next post, maybe? Is that how these things work?)

Loved the blog. Know that drill. It gets better. In fact, it will be great...

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